Review: Col'Cacchio's New Summer Banting Menu.

Last week Thursday I had the privilege of being hosted by the Camps Bay Col’Cacchio in order to put their new Summer Banting menu through it’s paces.

My fiancee and I arrived to a thriving Camps Bay main road full of tourists and locals trying to capture the very last of the a balmy Thursday evenings sunshine.

We entered the bustling restaurant, grateful that they’d reserved a table for us as there was no free table in sight. Summertime is a good time for pizza it seems.

We were there ostensibly to try out the new additions to their menu, a range of new Banting pastas (to complement their already fantastic Banting Lasagna) and their two new desserts.

My fiancee Rosina (who is also Banting) is half Italian, half portugeuse, so you can imagine her delight at being able to try these zucchini noodle based pastas.

We took a while to decide but settled on a shared tasting of The Piccante (zucchini noodles, pomodoro sauce, chorizo, peppadew piquant peppers, mascarpone and chilli flakes).

The Verde Rosso (Zucchini with chicken Parmigiana)

The Banting Lasagna (very similar to a greek moussaka) and of course we had to try some of their amazing Banting friendly pizza, settling our hearts on the Morituri which was definitely my favourite from my pre-Banting days.

We staggered the dishes so as to really give each tasting portion the attention it deserved and very quickly conversation at our table died as we indulged ourselves in some of the best tasting pasta we’d had in a very long time. 

The zucchini noodles were left perfectly al dente, so as not to become too soft and mushy. And the Lasagna was so good that Rosina fought to keep it all for herself (she subsequently went back 4 days later with a friend and ordered it again, that’s how good it is.)

The pizza came and unsurprisingly for a place that makes its living from providing great pizzas, it was spectacular. Even for them it’s tough to get cauliflower based pizzas to firm up enough to hold comfortably in your hand and eat, but that’s the trade off you make in order to still have pizza in your life as a Banter.

Then came the desserts, a Coco Berry Panna Cotta with a blueberry compote to die for accompanied by toasted almond flakes. Need I really say more?

Rosina ordered the Banting Cheesecake and with it’s almond, macadamia and cacao base it really didn’t disappoint, managing to not devolve into a bland cheesecake impersonator like so many others out there.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening with some outstanding dishes served to us. Special mention really must go to the incredible staff of the establishment (Patson, Aaron and Owen) for making us feel so welcome and taking time out to come and chat to us about themselves, their stories and why they love working at an awesome restaurant like Col’Cacchio.

So if you’re looking to fill that craving for some good old pizza/pasta but you don’t want the carbs..then definitely get down to your nearest Col’Cacchio and let me know if your experience was as good as mine.