Are There Low Carb Alcoholic Beverages?

Living in Cape Town is amazing, especially with how this city has adopted and embraced the Banting lifestyle, so many restaurants are catching on and making it easier and easier to maintain a normal social life without worrying if there will be something to eat when out for dinner with friends.

Cape Town not only has an abundance of early adopters in the Banting food world, it also has an incredible abundance of good wine, and good wine is certainly one of my passions.  I am by no means a big drinker and really only took to wine in the last 5-6 years, but I enjoy the stories and history around wines almost as much as the wines themselves.

Now with Christmas just around the corner I began to think how many people will be on holiday, around the braai or the Christmas lunch table and will realistically be having a few drinks.  My goal here is by no means to encourage over drinking, but rather to help make sensible choices with regards to your carb consumption.

It's important to remember that alcohol is widely known to hinder the benefits of the Banting lifestyle and make it certainly more difficult to lose the weight.  The calories from alcohol become the energy your body uses first and so those gained through your food can then become stored as fat, which is just not really that worth it in the long run.

Like with eating, "portion control" is just as important.

That being said, I began to research which, if any, drinks would be okay to consume over Christmas lunch, while keeping it low carb, and some of what I found was a happy surprise.

Safe to Drink

Whiskey - 0g

Tequila - 0g

Gin - 0g

Scotch - 0g

Rum - 0g

Vodka - 0g

Brandy - 0g

Cognac - 0g

Surprisingly Castle Lite comes in quite low at only 2g.


Unsafe to Drink

Almost Every Beer - 13-15g (per 330ml)

Ciders : Savanna Dry - 13g all the way to Hunters Extreme - 25g (per 330ml)

Jagermeister - 11g (per shot)



There are plenty of sugar free mixers out there in the "light" or "zero" range of drinks, which while being low in carbs are high in so much other toxic stuff for your body.  So if you're desperate for a Gin and Tonic or Brandy and Coke, go ahead and choose the Zero/Sugar Free range, but try to keep it to just one or two.


Below is a handy graph I designed to help you when making your choices this festive season (and beyond).